Błonie pod Wrocławiem >> Installation of the sterilization chamber and a lift service for Fresenius

Location: Błonie near Wrocław
Deadline for implementation: 25.09.2018
Scope of work: Installation of a sterilization chamber and crane service
Implementation for the company: Fresenius

The order from around Wrocław concerned the assembly of the tank on the roof of the Fresenius hall in Błonia, as well as the relocation of the machine removing the exhaust gases from the chamber. The tasks were carried out simultaneously by two hydraulic cranes with a class of 100 and 70 tons with full operator service as well as with a hook signaling device (UDT-CERT)

The largest of the cranes was responsible for unloading the chamber from oversized transport. The smaller one for the assembly of the tank and the machine together with its installation, which will be used to remove fumes from the new chamber on the roof of the hall.

The main part, i.e. the chamber, arrived from Belgium using oversized transport, which unloaded and coordinated HVLFT. The team was responsible for the mentioned displacement of machines in the hall and hydraulics using specialized relocation carts.

The chamber due to its extraordinary dimensions (length: 11 m, width: 2.80 m, height: 3.10 m and weight: 20 tons) was difficult to rotate inside the hall. Unfortunately, according to calculations for its free passage, we managed to organize only 2.87 m wide road - therefore precision and diligence saved the task. Our technicians had to be extremely careful throughout their work so as not to damage the load walls. Any damage to it could lead to a lack of tightness immediately after commissioning.

Definitely the most demanding point of the order was to prepare and secure the depression (half a meter below the floor level of the hall) and slowly leave the chamber in it using hydraulics.

The entire assembly described was carried out within one business day. It was a necessary condition. The customer could not afford a longer downtime. The hall where the warehouse and reception areas are located, and in which our order was carried out, is a place of work for processors covered by the three-shift system. Any time slider would cause huge difficulties for the company.

It should also be added that the chamber we have introduced for our client is already our third. So another relocation made by our technicians over the last two years.

The order used:
✅ 100 and 70 ton class hydraulic crane,
✅ hook signaling device,
✅ hydraulic systems,
✅ trolleys,
✅ work of technical staff.

The HVLFT team once again proved that it guarantees a lot of experience in relocating this type of machine.

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