BOLESŁAWIEC >> IBI SPAIN loading and transporting injection molding machines

At the beginning of February, we performed a task related to a comprehensive relocation of the production line - a set of machines, which included an injection molding machine and a robot from the plant in Bolesławiec to a plant located several thousand kilometers away in Spain.

The task was carried out for SRG Global. SRG Global is one of the most important global suppliers for the automotive industry. It offers plastic coatings. The investor has more than a century of experience in motobranch. It employs over 4,000 people in its production facilities and technology centers in the US, Europe and China. SRG Global is part of Guardian Industries, a private capital group operating on five continents and one of the world's largest float glass and processed glass products. Bolesławiecki works in the field of injection molding and painting for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, such as BMW.

After carrying out an earlier local vision and in cooperation with representatives of SRG from Bolesławiec, we proposed a way to dismantle and move the machine assembly within the production hall. All our work should not interfere with the proper functioning of the plant and be made in accordance with health and safety rules.

An experienced team of fitters and machine operators took part in the task. After the dismantling, we started transporting the production hall. During the work, our employees used hydraulic lifts, transport rollers, a forklift and a factory crane. The engineer was supervising the correctness of the work of the fitters, controlling the correctness of the task, taking care of the diligence and compliance with the company's occupational health and safety procedures.

The set of machines was moved by our employees to the factory's external area, and there, using a 200 ton hydraulic crane set for transport means, properly secured and prepared for a long journey. Then, the secured cargo set off on a journey to the SRG plant in IBI-Alicante, southern Spain.

The task was carried out efficiently, in accordance with the qualitative and timely assumptions, with the assistance of representatives of the SRG Bolesławiec plant.