DĄBROWA GÓRNICZA installation of a filler for SAINT GOBAIN

Location: Dąbrowa Górnicza

Implementation period: 31.07.2018.

Scope of work: backfilling assembly

Implementation for the company: Saint Gobain


The first stage of work involved the preparation of full IBWR documentation and the design of a lifting of plans for a relocation project. The original concept assumed, above all, to use only a 200 ton class hydraulic crane. The technical documentation took into account the crane's operating parameters as well as the selection of appropriate slings. Aiming to raise the remaining elements of the hopper as safely as possible. In order to optimize the operation of the crane itself, the embankment for the crane supports was rebuilt. Thanks to this, the hopper was introduced to the first floor of the building. Therefore, the ceiling of the building had to be properly secured. The entire surface of a given story was covered with steel plates.

The next stage of works were - high-altitude works. They were carried out using a basket-scissor lift. The need for them resulted from the fact that the hopper was delivered to the country in two separate modules. In this way, it came in a container directly from a Chinese producer. The upper and lower parts of the module - the operation was to fold both at the same time. The raising of the hopper top was an important moment. The module has been raised so that it can be quickly and efficiently moved under it, using the hydraulic systems - the lower part. The endlessly connected hopper has been equipped with additional equipment, allowing the manufacturer's use of it.

For the same maneuver, two hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and 55 tons - working in pair - were used. Finally, the whole structure was precisely integrated by the HVLFT team

From the beginning of the order, despite the time-consuming and demanding work, the HVLFT team was guaranteed to carry out the relocation in a safe way.


Summary of assembly work.


The order used:

200 ton class hydraulic crane,
forklifts with a class of 5 tonnes and 7 tonnes,
telescopic swivel loader,
basket-scissor lift,
2 hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and 55 tons,
hydraulic systems.