DĄBROWA GÓRNICZA installation of a filler for SAINT GOBAIN

HVLFT performed a comprehensive service of introducing a filler at Saint Gobain in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The first design phase consisted of preparing IBWR documentation and lifting plans. The concept assumed the use of a 200 ton hydraulic crane. The documentation took into account crane operation parameters as well as selection of appropriate slings for safe lifting of the backfill elements. The purpose of crane work has been rebuilt for the crane support. The backfill was introduced to the first floor of the building. The ceiling of the building required security in the form of laying steel slabs on the entire work area. Thanks to this time-consuming operation, the HVLFT team was confident in carrying out the relocation in a safe manner. For assembly inside the hall, forklifts with a class of 5 tons and 7 tons were used as well as a telescopic rotary loader. The height works were carried out from a scissor basket hoist. The backfill consisted of two parts. The most difficult operation was lifting the second part of the backfill so that it could be folded with the first part. We used two hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and 55 tons working in a pair for the merge operation. The second part of the backfill was raised and the first part was moved by means of hydraulic systems. The whole structure was merged by the HVLFT team.