GDYNIA construction and relocation of a container for PKP SKM

In March 2017, we established cooperation in the area of ​​the pavilion (modular system container), which is the place of work (the so-called technical supervision room), along with transport and foundation of the repair hall of PKP SKM located in Gdynia, Cisowa.

Our client PKP Szybka Kolej Miejska w Trójmieście Sp. z o.o. manages and administers railway line no. 250 (Gdańsk Główny - Rumia) and runs passenger transport on this line. The subject of the Company's activity is also the performance of regional rail passenger transport in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, on railway lines managed by PKP PLK S.A.

The process of establishing cooperation began with presenting our comprehensive offer, tailored to the client's expectations. We carried out a local vision and agreed on how to place the container inside the hall. After consultations and after analyzing the collected offers from several companies, SKM Trójmiasto decided to choose Heavylift to carry out this task. The legal department took care of the efficient process of signing the contract.

A system container has been created - this is a non-standard object. Its dimensions, height inside 300cm, width 300cm and length 900cm make it an individual design.

The production took 7 weeks. The container was transported oversized to the vicinity of the SKM railway rolling stock. Then, based on our many years of experience, he was introduced to the hall using specialized equipment for relocation, and set in accordance with the investor's guidelines between the tracks in the repair hall, which is important in continuous operation.
Its foundation in the intertrack would not be possible using a crane or HDS due to the dimensions of the hall and the container itself.

The container will be a place of work for SKM's technical inspection, and glazed sites on the long walls of the container will greatly facilitate the work of supervision.

Description of order requirements:

External dimensions of the container 9.00 x 3.00 m - due to the presence of a hydrant, rainwater drainage and access to the cleaner;
Height in the light (inside the container) 3.00 m;
Elevation before entry - thickness of floor layers min. 20 cm;
Glazing on two longer walls at a height of 0.80 m from the floor and over the whole width, fixed without the possibility of opening;
Glazing on two shorter walls at the height of 0.80 m and from the floor above, but with a minimum width of 0.70 m, the rest length of about 2.00 m as full walls - windows tilted;
Container door in the light min. 90 cm, door leaf min. 100 cm;
Steel structure protected against corrosion;
The walls of a multi-layer board providing fire resistance EI30;
Fire resistance class of the whole object "D";
Two-stage roof made of sandwich panel with a slope for shorter walls without guttering and downpipes;
The floor on a steel structure with filling;
PVC flooring on the floor - at least flame-retardant material (at least Cfl-S1 or better), resistant to dirt and mechanical damage, dark gray color;
External façade walls without finishing from a decorative façade - only sandwich panels - anthracite;
The walls of the internal façade in white;
Windows in veneer on the one hand as the external façade on the other as internal;
Gravity ventilation (up and down on opposite walls) - a total of 2 items;
Electric installation carried out on the plasterboard in places marked in the diagram for electrical sockets (2 times 230V input, 1 time Internet socket - a total of 6 sets) plus 1 telephone socket for the entire room;
Heaters in the amount of 2 pcs. Mounted on the walls under the windows (on the shorter wall) providing a temperature of + 18oC inside the room;
Coffered ceiling with electrical holders in the amount and power adapted to the workplace - computer stations;
Without equipment in a furniture set;
External main power switch located on the container.