Installation of the sterilization chamber and a lift service for Fresenius

At the end of September, HVLFT comprehensively implemented the service of a hydraulic crane and relocation of the sterilization chamber.
The crane service concerned the installation on the roof of the Fresenius hall in Błonia near Wrocław, a tank and a machine that discharged exhaust gases from the chamber, which our technicians at the same time introduced to the hall in place of the foundation. The task was simultaneously relied on by two hydraulic cranes of 100 tons and 70 tons with operator and hooklift.
The larger crane discharged the chamber from the bulky transport, while the smaller crane mounted on the roof of the hall a tank, machine and installations that will ultimately discharge the gases from the new chamber.
The assembly of the chamber after unloading of oversized transport which came from Belgi in the next part was carried out with the help of specialist carts for machine relocation and power hydraulics.
The chamber, due to its dimensions, has a length of 11 meters, width of 2.80 meters and a height of 3.10 meters and the need to pass through the halls where the width of the road was 2.87 meters required extraordinary care. Chamber weight 20 tons. Our technicians had to take special care all the time not to damage the walls of the load which could lead to lack of tightness after commissioning.
The most demanding point of the order was to leave the chamber in the cavity previously prepared for the foundation of the chamber. Using the hydraulics, the chamber was lowered half a meter below the level of zero floor in the hall.
The entire assembly was completed within one business day which was very much one of the requirements placed before us by the customer due to the storage and storage zone which we had to use to perform this complex task and at the plant which works in a three-shift system it was quite a challenge. It should also be added that the chamber we have introduced for our client is already the third same chamber realized by our technicians over two years.