Machine relocations


HVLFT.COM offers comprehensive relocations of machines and entire production lines in the European Union.

We have the experience and hardware capability to implement any relocation project.

  • assembly of connections and utilities
  • transport inside, outside and between company
  • disassembly, assembly and transport of heavy equipment
  • unloading machines, positioning, connection and commissioning
  • moving machines
  • digital leveling, leveling
  •  transport and assembly of used and new machines
  • scrapping - uninstallation of machinery and equipment
  • mobile hydraulic crane services
  • movement using SPMT
  • use of hydraulic cranes inside buildings

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Our service starts with planning the assembly and design of new or used machines. In addition to assembly and foundation, we also undertake packaging, maintenance and loading of system components - including international rail, road, air and water transport.

We also offer the possibility of indirect storage of machine and machine parts in our heavy goods warehouse.

Thanks to international experience and the latest technology, we offer individual solutions tailored to your challenges.

We are service providers with precision, talent and quality of reconciliation - let's see!

Planning assembly and design of new or used machines

Assembly / disassembly and foundation location


Packaging / loading / maintenance of system components

International road, rail, air and water transport, etc.

Installing, assembling or moving large machines or complicated devices requires detailed planning. We advise you from the first hour, we develop project planning and scheduling in close consultation with you. If you and our experts are convinced that we have invented everything, we will start with our service. We coordinate the transfer of existing facilities, including related equipment, in accordance with current security requirements.

These include the preparation of risk assessments, verification of tests on machines and prior provision of all health and safety regulations. HVLFT ensures compliance with fire protection measures and related documentation. We obtain permits for road closures, standing zones of lifting and transport vehicles as well as working hours subject to approval.

In the case of machinery relocation and production relocation, professional dismantling is at the beginning of the process in the old location. Our experts know how to deal with sensitive equipment. Therefore, dismantling includes not only disassembly of the system, including all components and proper separation of media, but also meticulous marking and documentation, technical cleaning and careful packaging of each part. You can be sure that everything is optimally prepared for safe transport and subsequent reconstruction.

When the machine arrives at the end of its life cycle, HVLFT.COM takes over its liquidation in any degree. We take all necessary precautions and provide professional removal of materials along with proof.

In the case of transporting machines and displacements, parts of our service are moving parts of any size. Regardless of whether it is a heavy transport or a railway vehicle, by plane or by ship: our experts know the fastest, cheapest and the best way, and provide a smooth transport to the desired place.

Regardless of the route on which the relocation will take place, HVLFT.COM assumes full coordination of logistics, transport planning and monitoring. All necessary customs procedures are also taken over by the HVLFT project team. Loading and unloading is just as professional as temporary storage of goods.

We unload the machine at the destination using the appropriate lifting technology to be able to accurately set it according to the layout of the room. HVLFT.COM masts are often the first choice for safe movement and precise positioning. With the limited insertion height, we also use the advantages of air film technology. That is why we reliably carry out Move-In even in tight spaces and even during production.

The technologically advanced HVLFT.COM device includes a machine park worth 30 million euros. This makes us unique in Europe. Our masts, cranes, transport technology and transport vehicles are compatible with the latest technology available on the market. Regardless of whether a full transfer or partial assembly takes place, be it in a neighboring city or on another continent - there is no requirement that can not be solved with our equipment.

After unloading, inserting and setting parts of the machine and equipment, it becomes very interesting for our experts. Because now it counts the exact alignment of each part and the mechanical small unit. Then our specialists perform electrical and pneumatic re-assembly. They connect all connections, complement the device internally and connect it to all required power lines.

In all of these steps, our teams use the most modern measurement methods. Alignment of the machine axes and alignment are made in accordance with the previous actual condition and technical specifications of the manufacturer. Thus, nothing stands in the way of quick launch and successful start of production.

Modern machines are not only mechanics, but also electrics and electronics, information technology and data transmission. It is natural, therefore, that we combine these elements again with the same caution as in the case of mechanical parts and components. Electrical and electronic installations are as much part of our offer as later I / O controls. We also have our specialists in the field of programmable logic controllers (PLC technology).

As part of a move, it usually makes sense to equip older systems with modern, more efficient electronic components and operational stations. Our engineers are the right contacts in all matters regarding the hardware of software control and programming systems. We support our clients on the way to Industry 4.0 with advanced solutions for digitalization and creating a network of production equipment.

When the machinery or new installations are finished, production is ready for operation or production. We are also responsible for this because our experts have also carried out all previous activities. During commissioning, we create an acceptance report that documents for you and for us that all required steps have been made reliably. All this is already set in the schedule and ensures the quality of our services.

Despite the uniqueness of each project, validation plays an important role for us: process chains are understandable, secured and therefore reproducible in the same quality. HVLFT.COM is a partner for the whole life cycle of technical systems - even outside the commissioning. To ensure a trouble-free production process and 100% availability of the installation, we also support you during maintenance.

Installation efficiency (OEE) is a reference point for high added value. Interferences in the production process should be excluded. As a technical service specialist in accordance with DIN 31051 and technical cleaning of complete industrial plants, HVLFT.COM ensures continuous modernization and smooth production.
Our industrial services based on integrated conservation concepts (TPM) with superior process optimization: from device functionality to improving the technical infrastructure of team qualification.

For trouble-free operation
In the area of ​​technical cleaning and maintenance, we offer a gentle purification of CO2 in blowing technology and high pressure water purification, which requires proper maintenance of air conditioning systems (HVAC).

For lean processes
In "assigned" we assume complicated or time-consuming technical and administrative tasks for you such. B. initial and final assembly, quality control, complaint handling, packaging with v. M.

All services are an integral part of a complete package tailored to your needs.

A special variant of our services are repetitive assembly processes or complete installations of similar machines from one manufacturer. To ensure long-lasting cooperation with machine manufacturers and to ensure the desired quality, we train one or more teams specifically on your machines.

In this way, we support your employees from dismantling to transport to production readiness. Depending on the requirements, we assemble our teams from mechanics, mechanics, mechatronics, electricians, electronics and electrical engineers. We also coordinate equipment with your machines. This ensures that the machine is raised at the correct points of loading and is ready for use as soon as possible.