NOWY DWÓR GDAŃSKI >> Introduction of the milling machining center

Location: Nowy Dwór Gdański

Deadline for implementation: Jun 2019

Scope of work: unloading and introduction of the Vision Wide machine

At the end of June, the Heavy Lift team was commissioned to introduce a 46-ton milling machining center to a plant near Nowy Dwór Gdański. Machine was manufactured by Taiwan's Vision Vision established in 1999. Model NF-4226. The NF series satisfies various demands in mold surface cutting, angles cutting, 3D mold cutting and precise contour finishing, and it also completes automatic 5-face machining with special designed accessories.

The task was exceptionally complicated due to the dimensions of the machine, the infrastructure of the production hall and the limited space around. The Heavy Lift team prepared technical documentation, including selection of appropriate equipment for the conditions and parameters of crane work.

The machine elements were transported to the plant with four containers. the machine table was delivered with a 40-foot flatrack container. In turn, the upper beam was delivered in the open top container. The remaining elements arrived in two 40-foot containers. Pallets with machine elements exceeded 4 meters in length and their weight was even over 8 tonnes. Unloading the pallets with machine components was possible using a forklift truck with a lifting capacity of 9 tons.

The original plan was to put the machine table on the trailer. However, the long composition, which the machine was transported, was not able to enter through the narrow gate into the hall due to the greatly limited maneuverability around the plant. Heavy Lift engineers immediately updated the implementation plan.

First, the team dismantled the wooden crate, in which the twenty-tonne machine table was located on the flatrack container. Then the pallets with the machine elements were unloaded from the containers. Using a hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity of 50 tons, the milling table was lifted from the semitrailer and mounted on specialist rollers, on which it was introduced to the production hall. After the introduction of the machine, the hydraulic crane was set inside the hall to place the device in the right place. After mounting the device in the target place, the team started to connect the columns and the upper beam with the table. It was the most difficult challenge during this task. Placing the beam on the columns required using two cranes, class 45 and 30 tonnes working in tandem. The task required full synchronization of the cranes work inside the hall, and also the extraordinary precision while maintaining all safety rules. An important limitation was the height of the hall. When lifting The elements, belts were used to prevent damage to the machine. The whole process ran smoothly and without complications.

Containers were placed back on trailers.

The order uses:

  • 3 hydraulic cranes with a lifting class of 30, 45 and 50 tons,
  • forklift, class 9 tons,
  • special rolls.