POLKOWICE crane service for PEBEKA S.A. KGHM

Heavy Lift Sp. z o.o. S. K. on behalf of PEBEKA S.A. belonging to the KGHM group has completed a comprehensive service of a 200 ton hydraulic lifting and unloading winch for the WBW 45T Freewheel Winch weighing 60 tons

Loading Central warehouse PEBEKA S.A. in Polkowice at 3 Mickiewicza Street

Conversion of the crane - the ballasting and ballasting of the crane to the place of unloading the L-VI panes in Rynarcice. Safe unloading of the winch according to the PEBEKA S.A.


The WBW 45T low-speed drum hoist is designed for carrying out shaft and off-shaft works. For shaft works, the winch can be used for moving among others: hanging platforms, tensioning frames, steel sliding formwork, devices during carrying out works related to the construction and reconstruction of shafts and carrying out all kinds of assembly, auxiliary works and other works in the shafts. When working outside the shaft, it can be used for moving and lifting elements and technologically for winding and unwinding the rope. The WBW 45T low-speed drum hoist has been designed to allow: - winding (unwinding) one rope with a maximum diameter of 65 mm on the drum, - force of up to 450 kN, in a line running directly onto the drum shell (in the first winding layer), - for 60 mm rope, loads of the winch drum with torque up to 392 kNm (the product of the value of the rope winding radius on the drum and static force in the rope), - winding and unwinding the rope on the winch drum while maintaining the angle of the rope in the vertical plane within + 70º to - 10º (when winding in the freight hopper) and from + 10º to -4º (under backwash winding), - the speed of the rope being wound or unwound from the winding drum of the winch when making shaft work to 0.25 m / s, - the speed of the winding rope being wound or unwound from the winding drum of the winch when performing works outside the shaft at the unloaded rope end to 0.6 m / s, - when performed and in shaft works, winding the rope up to the maximum winding diameter D1 = 2615 mm, which for a cable with a nominal diameter of 60 mm gives the drum capacity of about 1500 m, depending on the actual diameter of the rope. The control system of the WBW 45T low-speed drum winch enables control with smooth regulation of the drawing speed in the range -100% - 0 - + 100%. Winch control can be local, from a desktop, built directly in the winch drive area or remote from any user-designated location. The winch control system is adapted for remote control in individual (single winch) or group-central control (up to 4 winches), using a remote control device for slow-speed drum hoists - ZUSWBW. Construction The winch is a compact structure, the elements of the mechanical part and the local control panel are built on a rigid frame. Other elements of winch equipment are built in a dedicated container or other adapted room.