SPMT + Gantry Cranes


SPMT, ie "Self Propelled Modular Trailers", is equipment used in many industries. SPMT modules are used to transport constructions in the field of petrochemical industry, civil engineering. They are successfully used in moving objects in ports and at wharves, in transport. They are also used for transport on public roads.

One set can consist of different modules with 4 or 6 axes with a capacity of up to 48t per single axis. SPMT have the ability to drive in any direction, including rotation around their own axis. The working range of the hydraulic suspension is 500mm, which also translates into the possibility of moving the load vertically in the same range.

Nearly unlimited possibilities of connecting modules, allow to move almost any heavy structure or element.

On offer:

  • Kamag 2400
  • Kamag 2400S
  • Kamag 2400ST
  • Kamag / Goldhofer
  • Kamag K25

Hydraulic cranes are a safe and efficient way of lifting and positioning heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes do not fit, and fixed lifting structures for work cranes are not an option. When used with rail systems, hydraulic cranes also provide means for carrying and placing heavy loads. Hydraulic cranes are an economical solution for many crane applications and rigging.

HVLFT Enerpac offers three series of hydraulic gantry systems:

Super Lift series (SL): economical models for control and stability
Super Boom Lift series (SBL): robust, hydraulic gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 1000 tons
Mega Boom Lift (MBL) series: hydraulic gantry cranes providing stability in a configuration with 2 legs and reaching a lifting height of over 12,000 mm
Enerpac hydraulic cranes have many unique features that ensure optimum stability and safety: autonomous hydraulic and electric systems, self-propelled wheels or tank rollers and Intellilift wireless control system. Intellilift provides the operator with information on the pitch, lift and load per unit, and automatically corrects any unsynchronized movements of individual units.

HVLFT offers a range of accessories to complement the gantry system: header beams, sliding tracks, side shift systems and lifting lugs.