WAŁBRZYCH relocation lift for TOYOTA

In the middle of March, we carried out the task of transferring the Hofmann GDE 2500 two-column car lift inside the Toyota plant together with the procedure of collecting the operational UDT after changing the location.

The Toyota plant is located in the Special Economic Zone Invest-Park in Wałbrzych. The main task of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland factory in Wałbrzych is the production of manual and semi-automatic gearboxes and gasoline engines for Toyota models assembled in the Group's plants in Europe, as well as in Africa.

The transfer of the hoist, registered at the Office of Technical Inspection in Wałbrzych, required maintaining the appropriate procedure related to the change of location. Transfer of the device itself was carried out efficiently and in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of the Toyota plant. There was an electrical diagram and electrical measurements: insulation resistance and anti-shock performance, prepared by a qualified electrician. The construction part was also picked up by the construction manager with valid building qualifications. During the acceptance activities performed by the UDT inspector, our conservator, Dźwigniki, participated. The Hofmann car lift was checked at 120% of the nominal load, and it underwent diagnostic verification of all components. The tests were successful.

Thanks to the proper cooperation with the Toyota technical department, we managed to carry out the whole transfer operation together with the UDT procedure within 2 working days. The UDT application was registered well in advance. All requirements related to the UDT acceptance procedure have been carried out effectively. This small relocation of the device was attended by the staff of our specialist workers in several areas: assemblers, authorized E + D electrician, construction manager with current authorizations and UTB conservator - hoists. The works were carried out using certified equipment - according to the set date and to the satisfaction of our client - Toyota. Now, Toyota can use the lift as intended, having current UDT tests for correct use.

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